Super Mario Unleashed

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Super Mario Unleashed

PostPosted by Lungi » Sun Dec 13, 2015 9:57 am


Before downloading, please read this:
Super Mario Unleashed is rated:
This episode contains no graphic violence or strong language of any sort.

This episode was made in SMBX 1.3, so for best results use this version.

Also, despite the similarities in names, this episode has absolutely nothing to do with Sonic Unleashed.

Lungi presents:

Super Mario Unleashed is a Super Mario Bros. X project created by Lungi (me) which brings elements from Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and Super Mario 64 together into one ambitious episode.
It has a grand total of 121 Power Stars, spread out across nine different worlds, all with different themes. Unlike many star-collecting episodes, Super Mario Unleashed has a world map similar to that of Super Mario World, rather than a hub world. Levels in this episode can have either one or two stars. Along with normal levels, Super Mario Unleashed also has town levels, which have a number of hidden Power Stars to find. Playable characters are Mario, Luigi and Toad.
I have worked hard on this, and I sincerely hope you enjoy.

The current state of development this game is in is Demo 1. This demo features:
17 Power Stars
8 Levels
2 Towns
World Map
World 1 Complete
1 Boss

Legends tell the story of the Star of Creation. In the beginning, there was only one star. This star had power far greater than that of any other, far surpassing even the Grand Stars. Its power was so great it could create an entire universe using it. And that's what it did. However, upon doing this, it split itself into 121 stars known as Power Stars, each one contain only a fraction of its original power. It is said that if all 121 Power Stars are combined, the Star of Creation will once again appear...
Many years after the legend was told, Mario, Luigi and Toad receive a message from one of the Toads. He says that Princess Peach would like to talk to them about something, and the three immediately make their way over to the Princess's castle. However, when they get there, they find that Bowser has beaten them to it. Having snatched the Princess yet again, he makes his escape.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg...

World 1: Mushroom Meadows (grassland theme)
World 2: Desolate Desert (desert theme)
World 3: Sundrenched Seaside (water theme)
World 4: Carbon Caverns (cave theme)
World 5: Frantic Forest (forest theme)
World 6: Polar Plains (ice theme)
World 7: Awesome Atmosphere (sky theme)
World 8: Blazing Badlands (lava theme)
World 9: Platinum Pluto (bonus theme)

World 1:

World 1: 100%
World 2: 17%
World 3: 0%
World 4: 0%
World 5: 11%
World 6: 0%
World 7: 0%
World 8: 0%
World 9: 0%


Demo 1:

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