The SMBX "SMB3" Overhaul API Mod

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The SMBX "SMB3" Overhaul API Mod

PostPosted by XerX » Sun Jul 26, 2015 1:51 pm

Hello SMBX community! I present to you, something that I bet a lot of you have been wanting for a long time; More SMB3.

"What do you mean?" You ask. Well I'll tell you!

What is the "SMB3 Overhaul API Mod"?

The "SMB3 Overhaul API Mod" is a HUD Mod for SMBX, replacing the old SMW-esque HUD for a more traditional SMB3 Hud. This is all possible thanks to LunaLua.

Here is our new HUD. You like it? I sure do. Everything on the HUD is functional. Yes, even the PBar functions, and makes the sound when you hit top speed and are ready to fly. This API combines the "leveltimer" api and the "smb3goalcard" api, while also adding new features. To avoid any issues, it is advised that you do not use the two api with this one. Another thing to note is that the ItemReserve is not usable with this mod. It has been deactivated, for obvious reasons. (Also adds to that SMB3 charm.)

ONE MORE THING TO MENTION IS: If your level has a floor on the last two block spaces of your level, you must pull down the level boundaries by 2 blocks, otherwise the HUD will overlap anything on that layer. I can't do anything about that due to how SMBX's camera is programmed.



I'll guide you through what each of the HUD elements are.
1. The Level Name : This uses SMBX's most useless feature, and makes it more useful. The Level Name feature under Level Settings > Advanced now has a use, and is displayed here. Max 11 characters. Any more than that and it defaults to "LEVEL".
2. Lives/Star Counter
3. Score
4. PBar : This functions pretty close to how the PBar in SMB3 did. You build up speed, the bar fills up. When it's full, you can fly. (The PBar only works for Player 1.)
5. Coin Counter
6. Timer : (Uses Luigifan2010's timer API, Slightly edited.)
7. Goal Cards : (Uses my SMB3 Goal Card API. Slightly edited).

So how do I get started?

First off, make sure you have the latest LunaLua. The oldest release supported is BETA. You can get the latest here :

Then download the API.
When it's downloaded, extract the files somewhere and do the following :
1 . Copy/Paste the smb3overhaul.lua file and smb3overhaul folder into your LuaScriptsLib folder which should be in the root of your SMBX folder. (../SMBX/LuaScriptsLib/).
2 . Make a new file in your project folder called LunaWorld.lua.
3 . Add _smb3overhaul = loadAPI("smb3overhaul"); to the file.
4 . In your onLoad function, you can toggle certain settings on/off.
Code: Select all

If this seems too confusing, follow step 1 then after, you can just use the example LunaWorld.lua file provided in the ZIP, which is in the README folder.

Credit to Mike Santiago for the timer api.
Special thanks to Mike Santiago and Kevsoft for the help and support.

If you have any questions/bug reports, please post them here.
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