My first complete world called Newland!!

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My first complete world called Newland!!

PostPosted by nadia92 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 9:18 am

Well on the past I have play a lot of complete custom super mario bros x but this time i decide to try to make one for myself!! Because this is my first complete world this world have not so many yellow and red levels and have only 1 castle level!! So that mean that if you complete this castle level you actually beat the game but i must warm you that the difficulty of this castle level is extreme high even for the veteran players!! More generally:

1. You are able to play only with mario and this game not offer any multiplayer mode!!

2. A one single red level have usually more than 1 star so you must play again and again the same level until you are sure that you discover everything!!

3. Some levels are extreme hard to beat because are very big including sub levels and that's mean that only a simply mistake and you must play the hole big level for the beginning

Newland story!!
When mario was working on a mission a weird race called fairy tikons send e message to luigi and peach for supplies help in order they manage to prepare for the coming winter!! luigi and peach knowing that mario already working for an other mission they decide without mario help to do this mission for themselves without know that bowser is actually the reason why fairy tikons have no any supplies for the winter!! Later bowser send a message to mario that he kidnap luigi and peach!! Mario must travel to the greenland in order to find bowser castle and free luigi and peach and the same time finally offer the supplies on the fairy tikons country!!

Depending how many stars you find you can free first luigi or peach or simply offer the supplies to fairy tikons alone!!

If you find all the stars then you are able to unlock a hole second secret world full of custom graphics!!

Good Luck!!

Here is my first complete world: ... ewLand.rar

and here is a some seconds gameplay video intro:

After my little sister request my next future worlds are going to be more far easy to beat and going to allow you to play with more characters including also many multiplayer mini games!!
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