Bramble Level Contest (Deadline May 31st)

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Bramble Level Contest (Deadline May 31st)

PostPosted by The Thwomp King » Sun Apr 26, 2015 9:04 am

Hey so I was thinking of hosting a contest based around the infamous bramble levels from Donkey Kong Country 2. I also have this contest on Joey's forums if you want to reply there as well. ... =69&t=9536

Rules (Failure to follow rules results in being disqualified) :
Don't put your name in any of the files
Don't post any screenshots of the level nor a download link in the comments
You must submit your level before the deadline.
You may only submit one level, if you send two levels the second will be disqualified.
No joke levels, joke levels will not be judged.
Give your level a unique name. Nothing random or funky though (like no "Poopy Dance 52" or something unrelated to the level)
Level can end in any fashion.
Bramble Graphics are required along with a bramble related background.
Additional Custom Graphics would be preferred
Bramble Recolors can help make your level stand out too, but also not required (hence I can supply different backgrounds where you can recolor the background objects based on the background)
Custom Music is preferred, but not required (Donkey Kong Country Music or other unique music would be cool if you can)
Adding a boss is optional

The Thwomp King
(Anyone else willing to judge PM me or reply on here!)


How to Send a Level:
Send me a download link with the level. It'd be easier to send me a link through Mediafire personally, though I'm unsure of other judge's preferences once more judges sign up.

Deadline: May 31st (Deadline may be pushed depending on how many participants and their progress)

Prize: To be determined (PM me if you guys want to put a potential prize in. Of course it must be unique and something few to none have.)

If you need me to send you bramble graphics, feel free to PM me.
Also, block 598 (the jellyfish) is generally used to cause the brambles to hurt people (unless you have alternate brambles to use and there's another way for brambles to hurt people. They are invisible when you use the custom graphic for it, so it might be recommended to use the default graphic for a duration of your building.
Any other questions feel free to reply on here or PM me.
Any additional judges would be nice!!!
Hopefully we can get some people interested in doing this, and I wish everyone best of luck!
The Thwomp King
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