We need change.

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We need change.

PostPosted by Cloud » Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:26 pm

Hey guys. I haven't been around here that often lately, but I see that you guys are having the same problems I have. I'm not here to complain about the forums or whatever despite the title, but I think it's time to get this community moving again.

Let me outline the state of the community. I'll be blunt. The community isn't here. It's not at my place. It's at Joey's, which has literally stolen activity. "How do you STEAL activity?" I'm glad you asked. It started two years ago when SMBXR and Knux's wanted to merge. Of course, this fell through, and him and I both didn't want to merge anymore. However, it still did, but what happened was not a merge. It was a takeover.

SMBXR's members literally all moved to Joey's without any effort on his part. In fact, I and a few others recall him saying he took code from the wayback machine's archive of Redigit's site to create the theme. And now, he's pretty much the only one doing any moderation. Go to the SuperMarioBrosX.org section. What do you see first? Lots of keys. Locked topics. All complaining. The staff won't listen, and I've taken it upon myself to try to fix this.

I'm proposing another merge, but hear me out. I've done it before and I certainly don't want it to go the way it did two years ago. You may no longer find me trustworthy, but you've gotta remember I was literally 14 when the merge was happening. I'm 16 now. Might not matter to you guys, but I figured I'd put that out there for good measure. The fact is, NSMBX and my place have both fallen from glory. We both were relatively large SMBX forums, and we had plenty of activity to go around. That's why I'm suggesting a merge. Nobody knows what they're doing right now. We're all having an existential crisis right now, wondering what audience our forums will have. At this time, both sites' management is desperate for activity and we're just barely hanging by a thread. Believe it or not, it saddens me that this place is a ghost town. Even the fact that Knux's is already dead is a bit sad. While I won't go over the specifics of the merge, I will go over what we need to talk about.

- Host. Are we staying put, or making yet another new forum? We'd need a lot of time to discuss this.
- Staff. Who's demoted, who's promoted. Another big topic.
- Advertising. It's something we need to do, and we need to figure out how.

So I'm wondering if you guys are open to another merge during this time of activity. Let me know what you think.
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Re: We need change.

PostPosted by krazykat » Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:30 pm

Honestly Joey's is much better than it was when I was there. :/
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Re: We need change.

PostPosted by XerX » Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:34 pm

Question. Why do we need another SMBX forum? 1 should be enough.

This is a serious question by the way. You've seen what happened here and at Knux's. Activity is at a low. Why bother trying to compete with something we can't win against.

Seriously, we don't need any more SMBX forums.
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Re: We need change.

PostPosted by Magician » Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:44 pm

krazykat wrote:Honestly Joey's is much better than it was when I was there. :/

And yeah, 1 or 2 people who are probably already at your forum flock to where there are ... *looks at your forum* 22 people active in the past 24 hours. Like when Knux proposed the merge I'm not quite seeing the benefit to your forum. We are not "desperate" for activity and my only concern is that the userbase is happy, and with all due respect out of all of the major forum-wide movements in the past couple of years, there have not been any instances that managed not to just piss a sizeable amount of people off.

SMBXR happened, and so said you, a lot of people from your forum's part in that merge did not like it there. In no way was this entirely your fault regardless of your age. Actually the only thing I could really fault you for was how your attitude seemed to sour after your contributions in the form of SMBXR+ (for which I could recall you did a fine job) were received negatively. Ultimately though, it is immaterial. Even if you stood to benefit from a merge, you and I do not see eye to eye. I do recognize that you're a passionate, and hard-working admin and that's great, but it's a sad fact of the universe that hard work doesn't always pay off, and we just have our differences.

Also what XerX said.
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Re: We need change.

PostPosted by GhostHawk » Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:33 pm

I'm not opposed to this but allow me to clear two things up with your post, Cloud.

Cloud wrote:And now, he's pretty much the only one doing any moderation.

He really isn't, out of all of the staff. For a bit he was the only admin doing anything, but not the only person doing moderation. Pseudo-dino was also promoted to balance this.

Cloud wrote:Go to the SuperMarioBrosX.org section. What do you see first? Lots of keys. Locked topics. All complaining. The staff won't listen, and I've taken it upon myself to try to fix this.

Read my response to your thread on Knux's forum. Don't make the same mistake with a new forum to prevent this, it will happen no matter what. What we've done over at SMBX.org is locked these topics because they've ran their course, and put into place a set of rules to encourage better discussion in that specific forum since we can't just delete the forum. Instead of letting people use the forum to vent frustration and bicker about the state of the community, we instead limited discussion to tangible changes people would like to see in the site and have all personal concerns be sent through PM to specific people involved. I don't agree with your statement that the locked topics are all complaining either, because since the new rules have been implemented, there hasn't been one topic locked because of a fight running its course. Instead it prevented fights that didn't really need to happen, therefore prevented a few locks from piling up. Not to advertise, but you should read the new rules for yourself and take them into consideration for your alternative forum. I haven't gotten any complaints from anyone about censorship because I made sure myself that the rules only limited scope of discussion and not speech, and then let the rest of the staff members over there go through them too to make sure of this. Again, it's been working fine so far but if you have concerns don't feel obligated to implement them. I really just want healthy competition with Joey's forum and not another forum underdog that tries to "get it right," which is why I'm not 100% against you here.

Cloud wrote:Let me know what you think.

Go for the merge, but please don't think of Joey as a foe and SMBX.org as a site to be worked against. It's entirely possible for ideas to be shared so that no future forums need to be made. Also, don't make the same mistakes as every other new SMBX forum that tries to correct the wrong-doing of the old forum. That's about it.
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