Bowser's Dark Plan Episode[Re-Mastered]

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Bowser's Dark Plan Episode[Re-Mastered]

PostPosted by Dragonfan96 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 6:20 pm

Image<--------(made by Squishy Rex)


BDP has been Remade and redone!
W1 Meadow Plains
W4 Forest Jungle Woods
W5 Thin air
W6 has been changed (Reborn Desert)

and A new World has been added!

In case you haven't played this, here's the backstory of the episode:
Bowser has been beaten,bruised, possessed,and became homeless at one point and finally had enough of the plumbers! Having just three Koopalings left(Morton,Ludwig,Bowser Jr.) he used the only resource around him, lava. He made a machine that converts the heat and churning of lava into power(like a waterwheel but with lava and metals) and another unknown source to make a "Dark" power! Using this and making other metals like iron and steel to make even more powerful and horrid contraptions! He has kidnapped Peach several toads and now Mario(and luigi) must travel the land of the Mushroom Kingdom before his machine becomes too unstable! If Mario is defeated, the Mushroom kingdom will be nothing buildings,no flowers to smell,and no yoshis!The only thing left is Bowser and the world to himself! Will YOU save peach now, in the most dire times? and The pressure of a machine distorting the world more and more?

Experience the Nostalgic music!(as theres over 60 themes to play and enjoy...i'm a VGM freak....)
Vast Landscapes and treacherous perils of doom! Go through 7 Amazing and Exciting Worlds and explore the shattered kingdom!
Also theres Custom World Map Music( and how to change them) if you want to use it.They're its in the Episode Download link

Screenshots of levels from around the world! (Still a Slide Show With New Content as well as some that hasnt changed)

Lp's....Let's plays:
I'm more than happy if anyone would like to LP :D I recently gotten Bandicam but i can only record 10 minutes(Watermark)

Credits goes to:
Valtteri (Valtteri Graphic pack)
Squishy Rex (The New CGFX pack v1.6 and episode logo thanks :) )
Red_Yoshi(CGFX pack v3.1)
D00D64 (made the Rosalina GFX)
Reghrhre (Toxic Waste/Oil Tileset(LFftMK Oil)
Quill(ToB8 Arrow Blocks)
Dragonmaster146(GFX pack)
Airship(GFX pack)
Rest of the Credits are in the Read Me :D

Download Link: Red Link is the old one Green Link is the REMASTERED one

Lastly, in order to complete the game you'll need 40 out of 65 stars! (tons of sidequests to do that are very enjoyable to play!)
Soaring to Success" :D ~Dragonfan96

These GFX's are awesome!Check them out some time!

Episodes i've created:
Image<---Artwork made by Squishy Rex ... =36&t=4582
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