Help help help !!!!!

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Help help help !!!!!

PostPosted by VenomXD » Sat Feb 14, 2015 8:54 pm

Guys someone can tell me how to work that Online mode on SMBX ?!
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Re: Help help help !!!!!

PostPosted by Natsu » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:22 am

As you may or may not know SMBX is a dead program and no longer receives updates. What does that have to do with the online feature you want to use? Well unfortunately, SMBX's online mode was never finished. While it's possible to make levels with another person both can't play it at the same time, all you'll get to play is an extremely glitchy level. If you still desire to use it I'll try to explain to you how it works, but you'll need to use Hamachi.

To use the online feature go to the Online tab and click Start. After doing so a message window will pop up saying that the online feature isn't fully supported, but since you want to use it anyway click on Accept. Once you do the following window should show up.

The Mode section serves the purpose of specifying how you want to connect to a server. By marking 'Client' you're telling SMBX you want to connect to an existent server, and by marking 'Server' you're telling SMBX you want to make your own server others can connect to.

In the Client Settings section, which you obviously should only touch if you want to access as a client to an existent server, you have to add in the 'Remote IP Address' entry tab your partner's IP address so you can both play together (you can view the IP directly if you both connect to a Hamachi server). The 'Port' tab is to set the port you'll be connecting to, and depends on the ID numbers your partner has set to the server you want to connect to. As for the 'Password' tab, you may only use it if your partner set a password on the SMBX's Port server, if you don't input a password your partner has set SMBX won't be able to connect to the port. In the Nickname section you get to type the nickname you want to be displayed as when testing a level in the online mode. Obviously, in the Character section you get to select the player you want to play as when testing a level in the online mode.

After that we get the 'Server Settings' section, which like the 'Client Settings' section should only be touched if you plan on making a Server. In the 'Password' entry tab you get to type a password you want to set to your port, and of course your partner will need it if you plan on using the online mode with him. I never knew what the 'Allow Clear' function was for, but I don't think it would affect your overall experience. As for the 'Listen Port', you get to type the ID of the port your partner has to connect to. And finally, the 'Cursor' section is to set the colour you want to be distinguished as while editing on the Online mode.

I hope this brief tutorial helped you understand the basics of the online feature.

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention, both you and your partner can chat by going to Online/Chat Window. Your nicknames shall be the ones you've set on the 'Connect' window.
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