Favourite & least favourite Boss in any Games

What? There are games that aren't Super Mario Bros. X?

Favourite & least favourite Boss in any Games

PostPosted by bosseditor » Wed Feb 11, 2015 3:35 am

Let's talk about the bosses in any video games you have been encountered so far. Which of these bosses are your favourite and/or least favourite so far from the related games? It can be either hard, easy, fun, challenging, anything of what is worth of being either at the favourite or least favourite on your list. Games can be anything even fanmade related games.

I personally don't have a boss that goes to the least favourite so far but what I actually like to fight is the Super Mario World - Bowser's Battle with his Clown Car. When I was younger, I was a bit horrible at that fight especially when I encounter a flash game of that fight. Now he is just simple but even then he is fun and challenging to fight.
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Re: Favourite & least favourite Boss in any Games

PostPosted by Natsu » Wed Feb 11, 2015 9:52 am

I'd say my favourite boss would be Rangda Bangda from the Megaman X series. As for my least favourite boss, I'd say Phoenix Magnion from Megaman Zero would be the one, he is hard as fuck if you don't know how to beat him, and even if you know how he moves and what to do it's still hard. Another boss that comes to my mind when thinking of my least favourite boss other than Phoenix Magnion would be the final battle against Exdeath's first form from Final Fantasy IV, that battle is pure bullshit incarnated.
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