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PostPosted by krazykat » Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:15 pm

Back when SMaSU was a thing, I made these comics. This one was from when I first became a moderator:


Backstory: Recently, a ton of hate attacks had arisen from some of the moderators (namely smashbike and kneutron, pictured as the weird clown biker and the evil genius, respectively) against one of the administrators (Aeria, who was widely respected as the best admin by the nicer users). The forum leader, Blutails (also the creator of SMaSU) was tired of the constant complaints of unfairness and biased moderating, but not of SMaSU. He gave Mivixion (pictured as the guy in a button-up shirt and brown jacket with spiky black hair), who was supportive of smashbike and kneutron, the permission to demote Aeria. The staff was a huge jumble back then, we had 3 amazing moderators (Johnboy, so_nickz, and Lord_X) and then total tyrants not unlike Kyasarin (Mivixion, kneutron, and smashbike). Blutails became concerned because he didn't want more uproar, so he decided to promote the most active user at the time, which happened to be me. It turned out to be mostly Johnboy's idea. Then basically Aeria left and Blutails's forum died a few weeks later. These comics ended up being really popular later on in Lord_X's SMaSU forums and then my own SMaSU forums.

SMaSU community fun fact: Apparently Mivixion registered over at SMBX, but he's matured a whole ton since then. I talked to him the other day, actually, and he's changed infinitely for the better. Martial arts probably contributed to that. His username over there is Praesidium.
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