what is the point of this forum

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Re: what is the point of this forum

PostPosted by SuperMario7 » Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:10 pm

This forum in an alternative to Joey's forum. Some users may just like this forum better for various reasons, and we are giving them that choice.

I'm locking this. The only point I see in this topic is to create arguments and conflict over basically nothing. If you don't like this forum, don't post on it.

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Re: what is the point of this forum

PostPosted by Magician » Tue Dec 09, 2014 8:55 pm

Knux wrote:cool. just got a warning for ASKING A QUESTION

No, you did not.

this forum lost its purpose years ago when NSMBX was cancelled and Supermarioman left.

It lost its original purpose.
The forum has been repurposed more than once.

Knux wrote:we don't need this forum.


Knux wrote:not to mention that it's just another useless SMBX forum like it always has been.

The point of this forum is to try something different re: this thread. While I don't expect you to jump for joy at the rise or return of any forum that isn't yours, you of all people should at least be okay with us trying to do something different with it than just copy what every other SMBX forum has done. It gives a purpose to this forum that is unique rather than superfluous in light of the other SMBX forums that exist. I seem to recall the words "carbon copy" paraded around quite often last year. Yet now, by your argument, it's no longer useless because it's a "carbon copy"; it's just useless (no new reason given).

I'm going to state this for your benefit: If there's anything that will give me the drive to not listen to you ever, Knux, it's threads like these and logic like that. Did you really think a few declarative statements would make me agree with you?
I could go to your forum and make the exact same kind of thread. Would you shut down your forum? No.
Because that would be ridiculous.
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