How posting levels works

Post your levels in progress here! Completed levels will get sorted out. Levels completed prior to posting can be placed immediately in the subforum pertaining to their gameplay.
This forum is also for general discussions about level design.

How posting levels works

PostPosted by Pseudo-dino » Sun Nov 16, 2014 1:02 pm

OK, OK, so you, the level designer, want to post your level in this forum. That's awesome, really, new content is great of course.

So there are all of those category sub-forums up there, right? Chances are that your level belongs in one of those categories. If YOU think that your level belongs in one of those categories BESIDES Miscellaneous, go ahead and post it straight into that category.

If you CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHICH CATEGORY YOUR LEVEL BELONGS IN, go ahead and post it in this forum, Levels & Level Design. One of our friendly Global Moderators™ or Administrators™ will eventually move it into the appropriate category sub-forum, including Miscellaneous if they judge that that's where it should end up.

User input on which sub-forum it should end up in is also STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. If you, the NOT level creator think it belongs in Miscellaneous, by all means say it.

Hope all of this is clear.
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