Level Forum Advice - READ BEFORE POSTING!!

Post your levels in progress here! Completed levels will get sorted out. Levels completed prior to posting can be placed immediately in the subforum pertaining to their gameplay.
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Level Forum Advice - READ BEFORE POSTING!!

PostPosted by castlewars » Sat Nov 15, 2014 1:08 pm

So the Levels forum has changed drastically from what we've been used to on the other SMBX forums, but the rules are still the same. If any of you staff want to change or add anything, go ahead and do it.

Level Submission Advice

1. All levels must have screenshots/videos. This is otherwise known as proof of progress. Many people would want to see a small taste of what they will get in the level before actually playing it. A screenshot/video does this exact same thing. If your level does not fulfil this requirement, it will be locked until the OP PMs a level judge, GMod or admin with screenshots/videos.

2. It is essential all levels have a fully-functioning download link. This applies to Sendspace users, mainly, because the link expires after it hasn't been clicked on for a month. If a level does not have a download link, the link has expired or the link is broken, the topic will be useless anyway because there is no way to play the level, let alone review it, so the topic will be temporarily locked until a download link is provided through a PM. On that note, don't try and upload levels to sites like 4shared where users have to waste time creating accounts just to download stuff. It's a waste of time.

3. No stealing content. If you use someone else's content without crediting them, it is regarded as stealing their work. All content must be credited for. This can be done in the topic thread itself or in a separate Notepad file inside the level's folder. If there is content that is yours, you don't have to credit yourself.

4. If screenshots are large, put them in a spoiler. This is more of the tail-end of number 1 about screenshots/videos being provided, but no-one likes having to scroll loads down a page to see other replies because the screenshots are taking up a large amount of the post. To prevent this, it is recommended that screenshots are placed inside a spoiler.

5. Do not bump your own thread or delete and recreate the original thread just to get more replies/views/downloads. These things have actually happened before. It's classed as "attention-grabbing" and it's frowned upon within the SMBX community, so whatever you do, don't do it, otherwise you will risk having the topic being deleted.

6. Don't double post just to get more attention. This is the tail-end of number 5. Double-posting just to get more attention is in the same veins as trying to bump the thread for the same reasons. If this is discovered, the topic will be locked.

Topic Replying Advice

7. Post constructively. Simply posting "THIS IS EPIC!!" and then clicking on Submit doesn't get you anywhere. Just how is the level epic? Is there anything wrong with the level which you need to criticise? You need to include this when criticising a level.

8. Be honest when reviewing. It doesn't matter about who created the level, you just need to voice an honest opinion on what you think the level should get. You can't just give a level 10/10 just because a level was made by a very famous community member who makes good levels - even they make mistakes.

9. Accept constructive criticism. There have been cases in which a level creator has had a poke at a level judge after reading their review. The level judges were specially picked by the administrators for their knowledge of what a good level is. Do not say something like "FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK YOU GUYS I HATE YOU!!!!!" after a level judge points something out that should be improved. There are exceptions to this, but if a level judge points out something wrong, then just go and fix it yourself. Don't go and rant about it.

We hope you have a good time in the NSMBX forums' levels section.
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Re: Level Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!!

PostPosted by Marina » Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:10 pm

It's nice that you're trying to help keeping this page up, but the rules are still made by the staff, so next time you post something like this ask the staff for permission first. We will discuss if we keep this page up, since I honestly agree with most of these rules, but it's not you're decision what the rules are and you should respect that.
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