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Post your levels in progress here! Completed levels will get sorted out. Levels completed prior to posting can be placed immediately in the subforum pertaining to their gameplay.
This forum is also for general discussions about level design.

Level Design Forum Information

PostPosted by Magician » Fri Oct 31, 2014 2:07 am

You may notice that in this forum, the levels are sorted into subforums based on gameplay content. We want our users to be able to pick and play levels based on preferences and cravings, and for that purpose it helps to keep them all organized.

Each subforum is based on a different set of gameplay elements that will be specified in the subforum's description. As a general rule, when figuring out where to post your level, try to decide which elements your level contains the most of. If you are unsure, then you can post it directly into this forum, but make sure you put LEVEL: prior to your level name in the topic title.

LEVEL: Magician's Happy Fun Romp
Posted by Magician » Sat Nov 11, 2014 11:11 am

The LEVEL tag will separate your level from general posts in the main forum and make it viewable for the sorting process. If no one is available to playtest your level, you (or another helpful user) may also privately submit a form regarding the level's content to a staff member who will then use it to determine where your level may be sorted.

Please ensure that your level posts contain a download link and a screenshot.

Also keep in mind, while your level may appear like it conforms to a specific type of level because it shares the same visual motifs, we're looking to sort levels based on gameplay. For example, while the Sunken Ghost Ship in Super Mario World may seem like it would fit into the "Tricky" category since it involves ghosts, it doesn't contain any spatial tricks or puzzles to throw you off from progressing through the level, and is mostly just a straight up linear water level in terms of how it plays, so it actually fits under the "Water" category.
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