SMBX Contests

Check out information on the current official forum contest(s), or you can make your own contest for the forum to compete in.
Forum rules
You won't be punished for not doing the following, but people likely won't be as interested in your contest.

-Clearly state the purpose of the contest.
-Make sure your topic is neatly organized and descriptive.
-Provide a list of rules for the contest, so entrants know what they can and can't do.
-Include details about how judging will work, and how people can sign up to become a judge.
-Have a deadline in place, so contestants know how much time they can work with.
-Offer a prize that participants would want to shoot for.

Overall, set up your contest so that people will want to enter. Very few people will be interested if the contest is just there. Make it interesting. Also, all other forum rules apply here.
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